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Why is it important for your dentist to also be trained in orthodontic services? Because a dentist who is also trained in orthodontics can save you a great deal of time and hassle. Dr. David Sanchez can diagnose your orthodontic issue and take care of the problem without having to send you to a specialist. It is just one more way that Dr. Sanchez is looking out for his patients by offering all of the services needed to have a happy and healthy mouth.

Orthodontics is used to correct your teeth and the structure of your jaw when they require assistance. If your teeth are growing in crooked, then that can cause pain in your jaw and overall discomfort throughout your mouth. Crooked teeth can also decay because they cannot be properly cleaned each day, and they can look unsightly.

When you have jaw problems, you could be looking at a lifetime of back pain, TMJ, soreness in the neck, and other related conditions. Being trained in orthodontics, Dr. Sanchez can look over your jaw and teeth to determine if there are any problems developing. If there is a problem, the Dr. Sanchez will use state-of-the-art equipment and methods to relieve the pain and get your teeth straightened out.

There are several symptoms you can identify that will determine whether or not you need to come see Dr. Sanchez for an orthodontic evaluation. Those symptoms include:

  • An overbite – the top teeth protrude out over the bottom teeth
  • An under bite – the bottom teeth protrude past the top teeth
  • A cross bite – the top and bottom teeth do not align when the mouth is closed
  • An open bite – there is an opening in the front of the mouth when the top and bottom teeth are closed together
  • Gaps – when visible gaps appear between two side-by-side teeth
  • Crowding – there are teeth that overlap because they are grouped too close together

All of these symptoms can lead to painful conditions that can affect the entire upper body if they are not addressed. Dr. Sanchez has the training necessary to identify these issues and determine what the next step should be.

The office of Dr. Sanchez offers a wide variety of services that include sedation dentistry services and implant services. Now you can add orthodontics to the list of comprehensive services offered by Dr. Sanchez and his capable staff.