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Dental Implants

Today, a wide range of options exists for individuals in need of dental implants. However, not all implants are created equal. Dr. Sanchez’s dental implants offer an innovative solution to dental implant needs. With benefits that range from the aesthetic to physical, dental implants are a good choice for many kinds of patients who require one or multiple implants.

Functionality: Durability and Stability

One of the greatest concerns dentists face when beginning a new implant procedure is stability. Implants that are not stable are not effective because they can prevent patients from eating or come loose and cause pain. Dr. Sanchez’s dental implants make for more precise insertion during implantation. A more precise insertion makes for a tighter fit, and a tighter fit means greater durability and stability.

A tighter-fitting, more durable and stable implant translates into a number of benefits for the patient.

  • Dr. Sanchez’s dental implants offer the best functionality of the implants on the market. Patients who use these implants can eat and speak without interference.
  • Because they are more likely to remain steady for years, Dr. Sanchez’s dental implants represent a cost savings in the long run, since they require fewer maintenance visits, adjustments, and repairs.
  • Should adjustments be required, the innovative implant construction makes accessing its parts for adjustment much easier than in other implant options.

Aesthetics: Natural, Personalized Look

Dr. Sanchez’s visible component is made from abutment zirconia for a natural look. With a number of personalized options, Dr. Sanchez’s dental implants are designed to seamlessly align with the patient’s natural teeth. With a dental implant, patients do not have to worry about a single tooth appearing too large, too small, or out of alignment or place. The large selection of implants allow even individuals with unique mouth situations to find a solution that works seamlessly with their teeth.

Health: Bone and Mouth Considerations

In some cases, patients with weak bones are not candidates for dental implants, or these individuals must exercise extreme caution when it comes to using dental implants. However, Dr. Sanchez’s implant’s unique design is specifically created to maximize bone health. The implant is designed to fit seamlessly into bone, even if that bone cannot be classified as completely healthy. The implant is also specifically designed to keep hard and soft tissue intact.

When patients require dental implants, they need to consider how those implants will affect their physical and mental well-being. Implants that are insecure and unattractive can leave individuals suffering from pain and low self-esteem. Fortunately, Dr. Sanchez’s dental implants are an option that can eliminate those concerns. Outfitted with a unique design that optimizes physical health, maintains durability and stability, allows for aesthetic benefits, the dental implant is the best choice for many patients.

Outfitted with a large amount of experience and knowledge regarding this type of implant, David Sanchez, DDS, is an expert in the implantation and maintenance of dental implants.