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Dental Imaging

Dr. Sanchez is proud to announce the addition of the latest VaTech 3D CAT scan imaging equipment to our office. This will give Dr. Sanchez needed information for all patients undergoing the following procedures:

  1. When removing 3rd molars with proximity to Inferior Alveolar Nerve a 3D view is very helpful for all extractions.
  2. This new machine can provide dedicated frontal and lateral cephalometric views for diagnosing and treatment planning orthodontic patients in a much more predictable fashion, shortening time of treatment and for keeping an eye on unwanted root resorption.
  3. This machine will also give us wrist x-rays and views of cervical vertebra to determine if patient has uncompleted growth or has finished growing. Uncompleted growth can help us control either arch to get arches to match better in the finish. Wrist x-ray can be taken with this machine to also determine if patient has stopped growing. Patients that are still growing cannot have dental implants placed until all growth has stopped.
  4. A 6 month panorex view will give us a check point for root alignment of all teeth. At this time brackets can be repositioned to improve root alignment.
  5. The 3D view of any region in mouth that needs an implant can help us determine if we have the correct height, width and depth for an implant. Otherwise it can give us the volumetric deficiency so we can determine how much bone is needed before or during implant placement.
  6. Airway volume can also be calculated with this machine and aids us in treating sleep apnea patients.
  7. The standard of care has changed because of the existence of this type of equipment. Meaning since there are CT machines available before surgery and the doctor has difficulty with a case and he did not have a CT prior to the surgery our mentors will all tell you “you should have had a CT” even though many cases have been done with flap surgery very successfully over the years. It is not that it cannot be done, it is to protect us from the legalities in our society.
  8. CT’s also alerts us of pathology that can greatly affect patient outcomes if surgery is attempted.

This is just a glimpse of what is to come. Dr. Sanchez is very excited to have this equipment in the office again. A similar type of equipment was used from 2009 to 2011, but that machine was not as friendly to new orthodontic patients.

With this machine and the training Dr. Sanchez has received at Progressive Orthodontic Seminars, he will be able to provide the best possible orthodontic outcomes for all patients.

He is a surgical dentist and POS has treatment plans with skeletal anchorage that can help correct Class II and Class III without orthognathic surgery. Of course Dr. Sanchez will have orthognathic surgery as part of a differential, but he will also have skeletal anchorage.