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Dental Implants Holiday Special!

Reward yourself with the gift of a beautiful smile!

Dr. David Sanchez is currently offering a special that you can’t afford to miss out on.

All patients considering receiving dental implants during the month of December will a free Cat Scan ($300 value) and a free consultation appointment ($300 value).

This is a savings of $600!

If the patient decides to go forward with the dental implants, there will be a fee to the patients insurance company, which will get the process going. Copay’s for the procedure will depend on the patient’s insurance policy.

Look at these amazing before and after photos! Imagine having a gorgeous smile in just one day!

Call Dr. Sanchez now to book your consultation! 661-822-3727

dental-implant-before-after-13-1 (1)

dental-implant-before-after-14-1 (1)

dental-implant-before-after-13-1 (1)


Please note, that the customers shown above are not patients of Dr. Sanchez, however, his patients have similar results on a regular basis.

***Not all patients qualify for the immediate teeth. Some patients have to wait 6 months before they get teeth, but some form of implant provisionalization can be provided in most cases.

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